Valentine’s Day Packages

Escape for just an hour, or spend a half-day in total renewal and relaxation…

Southwest Day Spa’s Valentine’s Day Packages, designed for every budget and need, are the perfect, rejuvenating “get away just around the corner!”

Let the object of your affection know how beautiful she is inside and out with this Complete Spa Experience. A 50 min Swedish Massage transports her to total relaxation followed by an Aromatherapy facial to invigorate her senses and leave her skin feeling velvety soft, and finished with the Classic Manicure and Pedicure to refresh those tired legs and hands. She will truly be feeling Belissima!

Heart”Two” Heart Escape
Reveal velvety smooth Skin from head to toe with our Full Body Exfoliation and melt away your stress with a luxurious Hot Towel Treatment. Finish with a 50 Minute Swedish Massage side by side. This experience is an amazing way to rejuvenate together and celebrate the season of Love!

Poetry for Two
Love can be celebrated every day of the year, but why not do something extra special this Valentine’s Season? Begin with a relaxing 50 minute Couples Massage to bond side by side, followed by an invigorating Aromatherapy Facial for each of you to awaken the senses and restore a healthy glow.
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Triple Pleasure
Show that special woman in your life how much you appreciate everything she does with three superb spa treatments. A 50 minute Swedish Massage melts away stress and restores well being, followed by a Classic Manicure and Pedicure to restore that pep in her step. She won’t soon forget this Valentine’s Day Treat.

Have your feet and legs recharged and hydrated with a feet and leg exfoliation treatment. Includes Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure with your choice of a warm Paraffin Bath or a Cooling Mask.

Sit & enjoy serene surroundings during Your Spa Pedicure Treatments. The Winter is harsh on everyone’s feet and our Deluxe foot treatment with a hydrating mask will make sure only the softest skin brushes against you under the covers.

Who deserves love more than a parent or spouse on Valentine’s Day? Our Hot Stone Massage uses heated polished Stones to gently ease their body into ultimate relaxation. The ultrasonic facial delivers a powerful exfoliation using the ultrasonic waves technology with a high level level of hydration, improves circulation, is a anti aging and promotes a deeper, healing and it will make your skin feels pumped and rejuvenate $260


A sure fire way to get the object of your affection to the spa is to go with them! Invite your sweetheart to join you for a relaxing couples massage, a unique and unforgettable way to bond with each other. This has been known to woo many to the spa. $185

Indulge together both relaxing and energizing relieving muscle tension for Valentine’s Day with an 80 minutes Swedish Massage together $285