Valentines Day Packages

Our Valentines Day Packages are designed for every budget and need and are the perfect gift for the loved one. Come to a spa escape for an hour or a day, after all, you deserve it. If you do not take care of yourself, who will?


Who deserves love more than a parent or spouse on Valentine’s Day? Our Hot Stone Massage uses heated polished Stones to gently ease their body into ultimate relaxation. The ultrasonic facial delivers a powerful exfoliation using the ultrasonic waves technology with a high level of hydration, improves circulation, is a anti aging and promotes a deeper, healing and it will make your skin feels pumped and rejuvenated. $ 260


Let the object of your affection know how beautiful they are inside and out with this Complete Spa Experience. A full body Volcanic Sea Scrub followed by a 50 min Swedish Massage will transports them to total relaxation And the Aromatherapy facial will invigorate their   senses and leave their skin feeling velvety soft and hydrated.  $250


A sure fire way to get the object of your affection to the spa is to go with them! Invite your sweetheart to join you for a relaxing couples massage, a unique and unforgettable way to bond with each other. This has been known to woo many to the spa. $185.00


Spa Pedicure! Soften and remove callouses and cuticles, shape the nails, exfoliate the legs and foot with our delectable Scrubs, massage with our Butter Cream, and hydrate with a hot paraffin bath. Give him a unique escape from his daily routine that he will never forget  !$60


Love can be celebrated every day of the year, but why not do something extra special this Valentine’s Season? Begin with a relaxing 50 minute Couples Massage to bond side by side, followed by an invigorating Aromatherapy Facial for each of you to awaken the senses and restore a healthy glow. The facials will may be in separate rooms. $320.00. 


Reveal velvety smooth Skin from head to toe with our Full Body Exfoliation and melt away your stress with a luxurious Hot Towel Treatment. Finish with a 50 Minute Swedish Massage side by side. $350.00