I’m 26 and acne off an on, but in the past couple of years it worsened. Luckily, I found out about the treatments at Southwest Day Spa. The laser and ultra-sonic facials targeted my problems and have improved my skin and have proven to be different from any acne treatment I’ve tried. In only a month my face is clear, not red/irritated, and smoother. Not only have the treatments clear up my skin, they have made a world of difference to my self-esteem. Thank you Levina!

Leigh F.,

I have been a client of Southwest Day Spa since 2006, when I first moved to Boston. What has kept me returning again and again is the outstanding level of service I have experienced from Levina and members of her team. Just as important has been the fact that Southwest Day Spa is always at the leading edge of developments in the field of aesthetics. Levina chooses technologies and products whom she knows will give proven results. My personal story is about postponing a partial surgical face lift because Levina proposed a combination of micro dermabrasion and laser. This series of treatments has made significant improvements on lines, wrinkles, and recesses so much so that I am no longer in a hurry for surgery.

Marion, Your Content Goes Here

Amazing Massages

I have back and hip pain pretty often and have gotten massages at a variety of places around Boston, and I must say Southwest day Spa has really stood out in making me feel better. In particular, after half a dozen massages with Mia I can sincerely say she was way ahead of my orthopedist in recognizing and pointing out some of the sources of my muscle aches and alleviating them. She doesn’t just follow a standard protocol for every massage, but really pays attention to where your tension is coming from on that particular day. She’s very good at doing specific and targeted work – no two treatments I’ve gotten from her have been identical, but all of them have made me walk out of there with better posture, feeling about 10 times more relaxed than when I came in.

Having had a variety of masseuses in the past two years, I know it’s not always easy to strike an optimal balance between too much silence and too much feedback/conversation. From my very first treatment with Mia, however, she made me feel very comfortable explaining how I felt or asking for adjustments in the temperature of the massage table or room as many times as needed, letting me know when she noticed anything unusual in terms of knots/tension/alignment and still leaving plenty of time for me to just mellow out and enjoy the massage as the ambient music filled the room. Afterward, she was always happy to point out areas I could work on my own and what kind of stretches might help most until the next time I could get a massage. I never felt rushed or pressured into scheduling my next treatment for a certain time. She’s even given me free samples of the icy/hot-like gel she uses during some massages, tips for how to get the best results from it when dealing with muscle aches, and pointers on how it’s different from other ointments I might also consider buying. It’s beyond obvious that she’s not just trying to bill you for a service, she sincerely enjoys making people feel better!!

Even though go to physical therapy now (which Mia actually encouraged me to consider before my doc even did!) and even though part of my treatment there is a light massage of my problem areas, I still look forward to coming back to Southwest Day Spa for more thorough relaxation than I’ve been able to get elsewhere and for sheer enjoyment of the experience.

In terms of customer service, everyone I’ve interacted with has been very professional and friendly and helped me start relaxing even as I wait for my treatment. The waiting-room tea is rather good, and I always leave feeling well hydrated and well-cared for. I’ve also found it pretty easy to book appointments at convenient times, sometimes even just a day or a couple of hours in advance! Although I’ve never gotten a ridiculous discount there, SWDS’s prices are all reasonable, there are some discounts for packages or repeat services, and the one time my appointment got canceled (due to to circumstances beyond anyone’s control) I got a very nice voucher towards my next treatment.

This is definitely a place to which I’ll keep returning as long as I live in Boston. Their holistic approach has made me feel wonderful every time I visit, and is actually starting to show long-term benefits for my health/well-being too.


This is the best spa if you are seeking caring and professional service. Their facials are the best, when I started going there I had bad skin and within a few weeks my face was glowing. they have amazing new-technology facials with the highest quality in products that transform your skin. Levina is friendly and helpful in giving advice about skin care. The girls at Southwest make you feel special in every way and everything about them is highly professional and people-friendly. Their manicurists are chatty and sweet and for someone like me, who takes hours to choose a color they are also very patient! Everything from teh moment you enter to the moment you leave is welcoming and relaxing!

Sara S.,

This is definitely one of the best places in Boston/ Brookline. I have been going to the spa for many years and especially now that they have a new gorgeous location I will never go anywhere else again. The atmosphere is so serene and relaxing, and the prices are very reasonable for great services. I’m From Boston, so I’ve been to several places on Newbury, etc. and I have never felt more comfortable with the spa and happier when I left. Despite the high class elegance of the new location the spa retains it’s homey feel. I look forward to my next manicure!

Savannah L.,

As a new bride to be, I wanted to take my bridesmaids for a little trip with rest and relaxation. A day at the spa seemed to be the ideal choice, so that was what we went with. We found Southwest Day Spa online on citysearch.com with high reviews, so we decided to go there.

When we arrived at the spa, it was located in a gorgeous condominium building. The space was impeccable. New paint jobs, soft colors for the eyes and large windows that allowed you to see outside to the large flowering tree which stood in front of the building. The sweet hostess at the front desk brought us to their darling waiting room which consisted of a comfortable window seat couch and a fire place. We were all offered tea and I got a bathrobe because I was there for multiple services.

The girls were imediatly taken to get their pedicures and manicures in the gorgeous front room, meanwhile I was taken to the back of the spa to receive my first ever hot stone massage. It was an hour of heaven. The massage therapist was kind, charming and best of all she managed to rid me of all my aches and pains probably caused by stress of the wedding planning.

After the massage, I came out of the room to find my bridesmaids ready in the drying areas awaiting the bride-to-be to get her french manicure and pedicure. The girls doing the nails couldn’t be nicer, they engaged in conversation and always kept an up beat and happy attitude the whole time they were working on me. I felt as if I had known the girls for years. It was very much like a family environment inside that spa. Every one knew each other and felt comfortable talking about anything, even with my new bridesmaids and I being the “new girls”. We all felt as if we were welcomed with open arms. Not only was the spa comforting, but this had to have been the best french manicure and pedicure I had ever had! They cleaned off the dead skin, trimmed my cuticles, gave me a rather nice leg massage to follow the one i had earlier and painted my toe nails to perfection. $60 for the french mani and pedi almost seemed too cheap for the kind of treatment I received!!

After the services were done, we spoke to the manicurists about the services the spa offered, one said that their spa was well known for the Brazilian Bikini waxes. Of course my friends told me that getting that done would be the perfect gift for my husband to be, so i figured why not give it a shot. Even though I had no appointment for the Brazilian Bikini wax, that didn’t stop the workers from finding time to squeeze me in and get the service done.

Having never gotten a bikini wax before, it was comforting to me when i came into the room and the woman working on me offered me a lollipop and a teddy bear to help ease any worries I had about the procedure. Levina, the waxer, kindly stepped out of the room while I undressed and laid on the table. Then she came inside and got to work. Now, it was rather painful, but then again I had never gotten the treatment before. Regardless, it hurt a lot less than I was expecting and I was amazed that she was done in about ten, fifteen minutes tops! I will def. be back monthly after such great results! Levina assured me that if I came in more often, I would get used to it more and feel less pain. We’ll see, because I’ll be going back to South West Day Spa after my honey moon, for sure!!

SaliCheryl-Lee A.,

I came here on the urgings of my friend, who said I just HAD to get a Brazilian from Levina, and I’ve been a faithful client ever since. That was 5 years ago. I always get my facials, as well as my Brazilian wax from Levina (who is actually from Brazil and been in the business for 20 years) and she always does a top-notch job. She gets everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – clean, AND I’m in and out in 20 minutes. Quite honestly, I don’t know what the reviewer below (Shana) is talking about. Let’s face it, if you go “a few months” without “mowing the lawn” you’ve got a pretty heavy landscape to clean up down there. It’s no wonder it would take someone (even a pro) 35 minutes to get things smooth. Also, Levina offered me a discount package-rate when I first came in too, but, being a business woman myself, I took it as a good business move and incentive to come back. And it worked. When I go to my favorite bar and the bartender “takes care of me” I know it’s about keeping a good customer happy, not underhanded or sneaky business practices. I only wish more businesses rewarded their good customers more.


I have been dealing with sinus blockage, constant temple head aches, itchy and ringing ears. I saw my doctor who recommended steam, Claritin and nasal spray. I have tried all these recommendations. However I started to develop a series of dizzy spells to the point where I would fall!
I then started to search for holistic approaches and most of what I saw and read was about ear candling once I read the word equilibrium I was SOLD!!!
I chose Southwest Day Spa because it was third/fourth on my google list and I was GLAD I made that decision!
Southwest Day Spa is VERY CLEAN and professional. I had a very nurturing, soothing lady by the name of Levina who did my ear candling procedure. Each ear took about 20 minutes and in one point I actually fell asleep from the scalp massage I received.
I rather not go into detail about what came out, but WHOA I was in complete SHOCK and felt the need to do another round back to back on the same day!
I will never use another Q-tip ever AGAIN and I plan to do one more round next week

Mildred E.B.,

One of the best places to get a colonic. The Colon hydro-therapist was informative, passionate, and truly cares for her clients well being. The Benefits of getting a colonic, here at Southwest Day Spa, for me includes improvements in digestion, sleep, energy, mental clarity, and overall an excellent start to a path of increased health and well being. Would highly recommend Southwest Day Spa for your first or next colonic!

Miriam B.,

Levina is superb!!!! My 2nd series of colonics is underway. The change in my system has been amazing!!! Levina explained my. chronic & long term use of gas.x was causing me excessive bloat & pressure. Her education & guidance have been impeccable. She is kind, knowledgable & second to none!!! . I have been on a detox protocol and this treatment is exactly what I needed to be in the best shape!! Thank you Levina!!! I got my sexy abs back ??

Jackie Black,

This place is a gem. I first found myself at Southwest Day Spa battling stubborn acne and a myriad of other ailments that doctors etc were unable to help me with, for several frustrating years. The laser sonic facial I had was very effective, but more importantly the missing puzzle piece of my health nightmare was revealed to me by a lovely woman named Levina. She attended to my needs with amazing expertise and care, and she truly listened to me and wanted to help. At her advice, I returned several weeks later for a colonic. All I can say is that this was a life changing experience for me. I definitely had some hesitations/concerns due to the idea of such a private treatment, but any fears I had were quickly eased by Levina’s professionalism and gentle nature. The phenomenal results I experienced in all areas of my life were like the answer to my prayers. I would encourage anyone and everyone to undergo a colonic, and the prices available at SW Dayspa are extremely reasonable. My health has done a complete 180 – thank you, Levina!!! She is a miracle worker, and I am forever grateful to the Southwest Day Spa.

Catherine Lynch,

Called at the last moment for a massage and was excited there was an opening and my massage was wonderful. Relieved all my tension from flying all day the previous day!

Lori B.,

I have been going to Southwest Day Spa for pedicures for many years. In my experience, these are the best around — meticulously thorough, relaxing and beautiful.

Amy Weinberg.


Southwest Day Spa is  a great place to get a relaxing massage. The staff is so professional and courteous. My hour massage really felt like a little vacation.

M, N.


They are simply the best! Very knowledgeable and attentive…the entire experience is always one that emphasizes overall wellness as well as aesthetics.

K. C.


I had a wonderful experience with Ciao, he listened to my needs and delivered the type of experience I was hoping for. It’s my second time there and I will be back!

M. B.


Lucy always does such a wonderful job– she’s passionate about her work, takes her time, and always has a great attitude. She makes you feel like you are at a spa and does an excellent job each visit! I am always happy with my experience there and won’t go anywhere else!

A. B.


Always friendly, always professional while providing excellent results. I always feel better after a treatment or service provided by a very capable staff. Very conveniently located as well.

T. B.


Fantastic massag by Allie. . Possibly the best pedicure I have ever had by Andie. Peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Offered an array of wonderful teas. A lovely place!

Cheryl D.


Fantastic massag by Allie. . Possibly the best pedicure I have ever had by Andie. Peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Offered an array of wonderful teas. A lovely place!

Cheryl D.


Love Southwest Day it is wonderful. Very nice relaxing space and always immaculate. I have been a customer for almost 10 years and go for mani/pedi, waxing, massage, and facials. They offer an extensive menu. Everyone is very nice and the owner Levina knows what she is doing to run a top notch spa!

John D.


I have had a few laser treatments and this was by far the most comfortable. I had laser treatment to remove veins on my face. Levina explained everything that was happening so no anxiety. Because she had the most up to date equipment it was not painful. Will definitely be back. TY

Laura F.


I was first given a gift card to Southwest Day Spa when I moved to the neighborhood in Dec 2012. Even though I’ve moved to a different neighborhood, I still go to Caio (sp?) for his Swedish massages. He’s a true professional – nice guy who does good work. I’m muscular so he spends extra time on my knots and even though I pay for a Swedish, he does it more like a deep tissue. I’m a fan of Caio’s massages!

Lauren S.


I’ve been going to Southwest Day Spa for a 90 minute deep tissue massage with Caio once a month for the past few months. I have gotten quite a few professional massages over the years and I find Caio to consistently give great massages with attention to my problem areas (shoulders, lower back, ect.) Also, I’ve found that the massage techniques he uses tend to differ each visit, but he remembers the techniques that work well for my issues, which is nice. Also, if you like extreme pressure he is your guy, but he is attentive and intuitive and will lighten the pressure if it’s too much. I leave every appointment feeling very rejuvenated and glad to have the kinks worked out. As far as the rest of the spa is concerned, it seems pretty average, no frills…. I haven’t gotten any other services so I don’t have any additional input, but if you’re looking for a place to get a great massage I would highly recommend Caio @ Southwest Day Spa!

Claire F.


On this day, we waited on the stoop for a taxi to the Southwest Day Spa in Brookline.  Jenna discovered they offered reflexology, so we immediately booked an appt!  Because a massage would be too much for her upper body at this time, the reflexology would focus on pressure points in her feet and legs.  Her massage therapist, an owner of the day spa, had a healing touch and great technique.  Jenna was so impressed with his positive energy and said, as we were leaving, “I feel like I’m walking on air.” It was just what she needed!  So, as suggested, she hopes to have the reflexology done once a week.  Before we left, I made sure to set-up Jenna’s account with the shop owner, Livina.  Those who would like to contribute any monetary amount towards Jenna’s reflexology treatments can do so by clicking the link above & calling the day spa directly.

JJ Martin


With 7 years of being a converted Bostonian under my belt, I can tell you who the best and worst masseuses of the city are. One of my favorite places to go to is Southwest Day Spa located on Beacon Street in Brookline.
Southwest Day Spa is an intimate, full-service spa that makes you feel relaxed from the moment you walk in. Fortunately and unfortunately, it’s right across the street from my office which means if I’m not responding to your texts after 5:00PM, chances are, I am getting pampered at Southwest.
Besides the peaceful ambiance and soothing voices everyone whispers to you in, the little details simply cannot be ignored. I love that the lounge area is fully stocked with 20 different teas to choose from in addition to a light snack – salty or sweet – you pick. I’m a huge fan of Penhaligon’s products so to find these goodies in the bathroom feels like Christmas! I also love that the receptionist knows me by name and makes a point to always say something nice about me ?
Southwest is moderately priced. Some services are on the expensive side but ya know what? You get exactly what you pay for. The level of hospitality should be applauded. Every single employee in that spa does whatever they can to heighten your experience. You can tell that the employees really love working there which transcends into their quality of work.
If you’re looking for a great massage, facial, or even a “boyzilian” [LOL] I HIGHLY recommend Southwest Day Spa. In particular, Caio is probably the best masseuse I have ever had. 5 stars from me!

Sumaira Flower


I’d just like to say briefly that I found your day spa very comfortable and that I am extremely pleased with the pedicure I received from Fatima.  I don’t have a lot of experience with pedicures—I think this may be the fourth time in my life (I’m 68) that I’ve had one—but this one was excellent and far surpasses the pedicure I had two years ago at a pricey place on Newbury St.  I’m happy to warmly recommend Southwest to my wife and to other friends.



Just had a wonderful shellac manicure with Manuela. She did an excellent job, my nails came out perfect! The atmosphere is so warm and relaxing, the staff is cheery and so welcoming. I enjoyed the experience so much, and I definitely plan on going back!

S. M.


Have been going here for waxes regularly for a year now. I usually just go to whoever is free on the day I want to come in. All have been great and do a thorough job! Also, the front desk staff are so friendly and helpful, they know how to treat customers. I highly recommend!

Annie C.


Upon walking in to Southwest, I was immediately greeted and welcomed into the establishment with a smile and an offer for refreshments.  Most places, I find, have you sit around uncomfortably while you wait for your appointment, but here, they placed me in a very plush and warm waiting room.
When it came time for my massage, I was put in a peaceful and private room.  As someone who has long been suffering from back injuries since early teenhood, my expectations for a decent massage is fairly high.  Yet I was presently surprised by the quality of the massage.  In 50 minutes, my masseuse attacked areas of extreme tension and even got to areas that most masseuses ignore such as the arms, the hands, the wrists, and the feet.  It was an extremely relaxing and relieving massage.
Afterwards, they again offered me to enjoy refreshments and to relax after the massage.
Although medical circumstances forced me to cancel, their massage club is a great deal.  For those who suffer from sport’s injuries or back injuries in general, we all know getting the proper care and treatment is expensive and hard to find.  The monthly massage club they have is a fairly cost-efficient program if your insurance does not cover massages/therapy (most don’t…).
I highly recommend Southwest Day Spa.

J. A.


I recently started working down the street and passed this spa a few times on my way to whole foods and dunkin’ donuts.  I decided to look them up online and I am beyond happy that I did.  Not only is it convenient to walk over during my lunch hour instead of trying to get somewhere by 7pm after commuting home for over an hour, but I would actually make the trip up here from Plymouth on my day off just for the experience here.  They are very fairly priced and are super accommodating and friendly!

B. M.


I’ve always had trouble with Facial hair. Three years ago a friend of mine referred me to Southwest Day Spa. I had a series of Laser Hair removal treatments and I just now need a slight touch up three years later. Combined with products, I have been able to go three years since my last treatment. As an African American Woman, it’s common to hear that many treatments will not, or may not work on my type of skin. It’s a blessing to have found Southwest Day Spa and the Laser treatments they offer.  My skin looks great! No more plucking, waxing, or shaving hair from my face!

P. B.


I never leave Southwest without a smile on my face! Love everyone and everything about it!!

E. S.


I don’t regularly post on yelp but I want to spread the word about the massage therapist’s, Caio’s, skills. I have seen Caio several times over the past  several years. I think he is the only male massage therapist at the spa. He is extremely professional. His hands have the strength of steel but the gentleness of a warm hug. He goes an extra step at the end of the massage to suggest how to heal your problem areas, without you even asking.  If you really need a good work up on your body, he is the person to see. I also get my eyebrows done at SW Day Spa and have always loved their work.  I regularly get compliments on them. I used to be a pretty low maintenance person but now I like to come here fairly regularly to get pampered. It’s become “my place.” I highly recommend this place if you want a local joint that is reasonably priced and that treats you well. I love that the person who answers the phone always remembers who I am. And I love that they offer chocolate peanut trail mix and teas while you wait. Good work, SW Day Spa! Job well done!

I. W.


I had a terrific appointment. Iris is a complete pleasure and sets a wonderful tone for customers. Lana is not only lovely, but she give a fantastic pedicure, so hard for me to find given the challenging nature of my nails. Her foot massage, preceded by hot towels is heavenly. Needless to say, this is an appointment I always look forward to.

A. W.


Several times I’ve called to try to squeeze in a massage or facial. Every time the receptionist has gone out of her way to accommodate me. Sometimes I got to keep my last minute appointment, sometimes I was not able to keep it, either way the front desk was so great. Today I got to keep my last minute appointment and had the fortunate experience to be booked with Alicia. Alicia was amazing!! I’m completely stressed, have many skin issues and she worked a custom like procedure that left me feeling so relaxed, clean and anxious to re-book with her. I’m so happy to write how satisfied I was with my experience. Many thanks!

Karen Z.


I had a massage with Sashary and she was amazing! The first time I came here I had a less than pleasant experience with a different masseuse, but I’m so happy that I gave them a second chance, because it was like night and day. Sashary was so sweet and I was instantly relaxed. She really melted all my stress away, and had such a great technique that I actually bought a gift card for my boyfriend on the way out!
Everyone who works here is very friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Parking is never an issue with a ton of meters right out front. Even though I was skeptical after my first visit, Southwest showed me they were worthy of a second shot & my business. I will be returning to these lovely ladies.

Jessica H.


I’ve been here twice now for Brazilians and I’m happy (I paid $50 – they accept SpaFinder gift certificates too).
The atmosphere is really nice, they have a lovely waiting room, receptionists are a little distracted but super nice. Levina did my first wax here and was extremely quick and efficient, i was worried her speed would have her sacrifice quality but it was truly the best Brazilian I’ve gotten – less than 10 minutes! Other places always leave hair even when they’re up close to my crotch with a magnifying glass, I’m always confused how they can miss it when they are literally in between my legs. But anyway, great job Levina! Aline did a good job too, she took about 15-20 minutes and was thorough.
Most importantly, the rooms are very CLEAN, they don’t double dip, and they give you lollipops!

Regina P.


I’ve been going for facials for a few months now… I just love Levina and her staff, and I’m looking 10 years younger for it! As usual, a wonderful experience! Lana does exceptional work….like she sculptured my face! Thanks again! Thank you, Lucy! and Iris for your constant smile and great personality! Today’s session was beyond professional! Thank you Levina!!!!!!! I recommend this place to all my friends!”

Terry N.


“I got a gift certificate through SpaFinder and had to call 4 different spas listed on the their website before I found one that was still in business and actually accepted SpaFinder certificates. I got a massage and an eye brow wax from Aline. I thought it was great. She was wonderful, she checked in with me to ensure that the pressure etc was good for me and gave me a great wax. The prices were reasonable and the staff were all very friendly. I would definitely go back again!”

Liz H.


More than a massage — a transcendent experience
As spiritual and emotional as it is physical
A sense of place and space, inner and outer
Purposeful synchronization and symmetry
Seamless manipulation of fingers and stones; harmonious, blended
Subtle, yet powerful
Perfectly placed; supporting, healing
Penetrating body, mind and soul
Stones become familiar, fused appendages
Transporting — now the small, safe room, then exceeding it
Taking me myriad places
Bringing me back — whole”

Carla T.


“I’ve been a loyal customer to this spa for two years now. What I like about this spa is the group of friendly and experienced professionals. It doesn’t matter who I get (I go for waxing), each and every one does a great job. Recently they tried a new, less painful wax for  my bikini wax (it’s one without any strips). It was truly amazing how less painful it was!! I would honestly pay a higher price for this wax, the difference is unreal. I love their promotions too. Check in on Facebook and you win prizes. They do some great promotions too. I would highly recommend this spa to anyone (and already have to my girl friends).”

Ashley R.


“My Hot Stone Massage was absolutely amazing! I feel like I’m floating. Highly recommend it!”

Nikki F.


“You girls are the best!”

Eddie L.


“Always great pedicures and very friendly smiles and attitude.”

Louise C.


“I was here on July 21,2012. I must say it is such a beautiful, relaxing place. The atmosphere is so welcoming with beautiful decor throughout the place.
My hot stone massage given by Alie was just amazing and she was so gentle and professional doing her job. My body was so relaxed and baby like soft. My spa manicure & pedicure given by Lana was awesome as well,she was so gentle and very fussy with her work which made me happy. Lana took her time and made sure they were done to perfection.
The reception staff is also very warm and friendly. I cannot say enough about the place, I recommend it to everyone who needs to be pampered.
I will definitely be back. Thanks so much for making my birthday gift so memorable.”

Ella W.


“I am very pleased with Southwest Day Spa. Sometimes I have insomnia and as a result I have developed very dark circles underneath my eyes. I have received a series of Lunch Time Eye Lifts and the dark circles have disappeared. I look younger. The owner and all the staff are very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.”

Gloria C.


“I could not have asked for a better experience at Southwest Day Spa!  The esthetician (Lucy, I think) was incredibly professional and fast.  She made me feel very comfortable.  The staff greeted me and made me feel relaxed.  I do not live in Boston, but I will definitely return to the spa when I visit the city again.  I also told multiple friends in Boston about my great experience.  MANY THANKS!!!”

Ellen D.


“Recently I completed a program of Proton Beam Radiation at Mass General Hospital. The beam was aimed at my face and therefore I was told my skin, eyes, nose, and mouth would burn. Fortunately, they had prescriptions that helped with everything but the skin. I was told to purchase at the drugstore creams by Aquafor, Eucerin and Aveeno. I bought all of these but they only soothed and did not help. I went to Southwest Day Spa for a manicure and when the director, Levina, saw my skin she suggested some drops she uses as an aesthetist for facials. These were so successful at halting and healing the burning that even the radiologist asked for the name to offer to other patients. I highly recommend this treatment to protect any radiation sites, face or body, and suggest that they become a regular recommendation from the proton beam program at the Yawkey Way.”

Phyllis B.


Finally a place with professionals that know how to deal with cuticles: remove them!!!! On top of that, cleanest place with crisp decoration. Massage out of this world. Perfect Brazilian wax, AND last but not least, the sunless custom tanning is amazing, with the most natural looking tan, long-lasting, and fades away slowly and without spots.

Andrea R.


Another great experience as part of my Boston “Impromptu Day of Beauty”. Per the Yelp reviews, this was the nicest, most affordable salon near where I was staying. I was staying at a friend’s house near Fenway Park and this was nice little scenic walk. Some of the other Yelpers put me off a bit by criticizing the decor -but I found it to be very serene and tasteful. I think the salon’s vibe was likely trying to capture the feel of one of those resort spas out in Arizona or Vegas where one goes to detoxify and spiritually find oneself. Or perhaps the owners are just fans of the southwest! Either way, it was a bright and cheery yet calming vibe. There were big windows with a nice view and therefore lots of natural light. I went for a pedicure and was assigned Cris as my nail tech. Both her and Lana, who was assisting, were really sweet. Great, high quality massage chairs too! It was a great experience and I would like to return and try more services next time I’m visiting my friend in Boston.

Jennifer Q.


“Always a wonderful experience, whether coming in for manicures, Brazilians, or laser hair removal.  Staff is always accommodating and very friendly, prices are reasonable, and the place is always spotlessly clean.  The receptionist even recognizes my voice when I call to make an appointment.  Highly recommended!”

S. H.


“Southwest Day Spa is like an oasis in the middle of the city. Look, getting the hair ripped out of your back isn’t exactly the number one activity on most guys’ lists. But here they make it tolerable. The atmosphere is terrific – relaxing and soothing. The staff is incredibly friendly. Walking in off of Beacon Street is always a pleasant change of pace. So if you’re a guy, and you’ve got back hair that has no earthly reason for being there, this is the place to go.”

Pete D.


“Whether it’s for a manicure, pedicure, or wax, I always get 5-star service here. The atmosphere is surprisingly upscale, professional and welcoming. The staff is super friendly! I’ve been going here for the past 3 years (since way back when their Brazilian waxes were only $40! They’re $50 now) and I refer all of my friends to Southwest Day Spa. I usually see Levina or Lucy; both of them are quick and efficient! You won’t get this quality for a better price anywhere else in the area.”

Victoria M.


“Hair removal central! Two thumbs up for SWDS. I first went to SWDS 2 years back based on the Yelp reviews I read and I must say I was not disappointed. Levina is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. The quickest and pain less Brazilian bikini and she shaped my eyebrows to perfection (Yes, they were quite terrible for some time). It’s truly amazing how eyebrows can change your face, if waxed properly. I’ve been using other services at SWDS and every session has been a great experience. The prices are affordable, the location is great. Very friendly staff. Ive been to a few other places in Boston, and I must say SWDS is the most reasonably priced hair removal facility for the quality of work that is being done.”

Carol P.