Reflexology is the manipulation of different pressure points of the feet that relate to your organs. In reflexology, the foot is considered the basis point for your healing. You can probably recall a time when you realized that if your feet are warm, then the rest of your body is warm. This is one of the indicators that the massage of the feet in reflexology can lead to healing in other parts of the body



The Benefits of Reflexology and How it Works

The benefits of reflexology are abundant, and the wealth has been available to us for years, but in our haste for modern medicine we overlooked it.

There are not only physical benefits of reflexology, but psychological benefits too. Many patients maintain that because they felt better physically, that aided in them being able to feel better psychologically. When feeling tired all the time, or being in pain constantly it doesn’t keep the spirits uplifted. By being able to unlock back pain and joint pain, it also provides patients with the ability to concentrate better and be more active. For instance, when reflexology helps correct poor circulation, it can help those who suffer from arthritis dramatically. When a patient suffers from asthma or other lung problems, reflexology can assist in relieving the symptoms so they don’t feel short of breath. This can help a patient get back on track if it prevented them from being able to exercise, or participate in outdoor activities too. Even with someone who struggled with respiratory disease, now something as simple as taking a walk can now be a pleasure whereas it used to feel like work. $100 – 85 Minutes


Reflexology can be beneficial for those who are suffering from panic attacks and tension too. By using the pressure point techniques in the hands and feet, a state of relaxation will ensue. Relaxation alone can help alter many other psychological related issues such as depression and anxiety, and it will help release toxins from the body. When the body is under an extreme amount of stress, it holds onto toxins in the body and won’t let go. Once the body is at a state of balance, the toxins are released. Once toxins are released, the physical issues will also be improved. Toxins built up in the body can cause liver damage, digestive problems. The benefits of reflexology are abundant, and nothing short of miraculous in many cases. . With what we now know of the benefits of reflexology, the feet are what truly hold you up. $85 – 50 Minutes


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