This revolutionary treatment literally melts away fat in trouble spots like your abdomen, thighs, arms and neck. Smartlipo is an ideal adjunct to liposuction for treating localized fat deposits on the face and body. Smartlipo is a minimally invasive technique that safely coagulates blood vessels resulting in less bleeding and bruising than liposuction alone.

  • Safe, minimally-invasive procedure
  • Treats areas of undesired fat
  • Promotes tissue coagulation resulting in tissue tightening
  • Less bleeding compared to liposuction alone
  • Faster healing times
  • Less trauma
  • Treat highly fibrotic areas easily


Cellulite Reduction and Body Contouring
Did you know that one third of all Americans and an estimated 85% of adult women have cellulite?
Finally, there is a comfortable procedure designed to significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimpling—and the response from our Clients has been nothing but remarkable! With this innovative technology, we can finally help you get the smoother, firmer skin you’ve been hoping for.

The SmoothShapes Cellulite and Body Contouring system employs two dynamic laser wavelengths to penetrate skin and fat cells along with massage rollers and suction to stimulate fibroblasts for collagen production—giving you a more contoured, healthier-looking physique by smoothing the skin anywhere on your body. The treatment is painless and completely safe—in fact, many of our clients find the treatment very relaxing, most compare it to a massage.

Now, you’ll have “nothing to hide” after being treated with our SmoothShapes cellulite cosmetic laser.
For a consultation to reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimpling with the SmoothShapes cellulite cosmetic laser, please call for your free consultation and reservation.