healthy-eatingIt’s not a diet…it’s a lifestyle

Eating healthy is easier than you think it is! If you think of eating as an opportunity to improve your health and overall well-being instead of a dreaded sacrifice, you’re one step closer to success. Check out some of the ways you can improve your quality of life by starting a healthy eating program.

Healthy eating keeps you…HEALTHY!
Implementing a healthy diet into your life is the easiest way to fight off many diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. A healthy diet boosts your immune system and enables the body to function as it needs to. Combining a healthy diet with exercise increases the possibility of living a longer, more vibrant life.

Healthy eating is an effective weight loss tool.
For those of us trying to shed a few pounds, a healthy diet is a must. We hear all the time about people going on fad diets only to gain the weight right back when they return to normal eating habits. By sticking to a healthy diet that includes all of the food groups, you can lose the weight and maintain it because you are choosing a healthy lifestyle over dieting, which leads to long-term results.

Healthy eating increases energy levels.
Including foods such as lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and grains in your diet will keep you energized throughout the day. Processed foods lose the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy and strong. But whole, natural foods are packed with vitamins and minerals that we need to stay healthy and vibrant.

Healthy eating can make you look and feel younger.
One of the key components to youthful-looking skin is eating a balanced diet. The nutrients in fruits and vegetables promote supple, glowing skin. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Your skin thrives on water, so drink up!

Healthy eating eliminates holiday overindulgences!
The holidays are approaching and many of us struggle to keep our waistlines in check during the fun parties and family gatherings. By leading a healthy lifestyle that incorporates exercise and healthy eating, it is easier to limit fattening, unhealthy food choices.

With the celebration of Halloween this month, parents may be concerned about allowing their children to eat the large amounts of candy they acquire when trick-or-treating. We suggest setting boundaries to how much your children can eat on Halloween night….perhaps they can indulge a bit. After that, set a limit (maybe 1-2 pieces) of the amount of candy they can have each day forward. And be sure to continue packing them healthy lunches with fruit when they head off to school to keep them on their healthy track.

Don’t get frustrated during the holidays this year. Adjust your eating habits and get on the path to a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle. Your body will thank you!