Holistic Nutritional Body Cleanse can help with many ailments!


If You…

  • Feel Sluggish, Fatigued, or Heavy
  • Have Lost that Natural Glow
  • Have a few Stubborn Pounds to Lose
  • Get Bloated or Puffy after eating
  • Have Headaches or Joint Pain
  • Feel Mentally unfocused or emotionally Foggy
  • Sleep Poorly
  • Have been told to Lower Cholesterol or change your eating habits by a Doctor

Then Give a break to your Body!

A short 10 day cleanse can be the kick start to looking and, most importantly, Feeling better! We at Southwest Day Spa, we can help you to make a resolution you can keep.

Cleansing Program includes

  • Smoothies Recipes
  • Customize Spa Service to Support your Detox
  • Colonics
  • Private Yoga Sessions
  • Call Support

Detox/Rejuvenation Program.

This program is a spa detox with the comfort of being home. It is designed to detoxify and feed the major body systems. Large Intestines, Small Intestines, Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney, and Bladder will be the main focus but all systems will benefit. The program will consist of a initial consultation to design a customized detox program to help you to archive your goals.. We will go through the program and evaluate the client needs to make a more custom fit detox. The second will be used to help set up an individualized maintenance wellness program. The program will also include 3 Colon Hydrotherapy sessions, combined with some spa services to maximize the Detox result. Depending on the program created according to your needs , you may will receive a private yoga class, seaweed body wrap, reflexology or massage session, ear candling or a Laser Pain treatment

The colonic sessions will prevent any back up building in the large intestines and will improve your hydration, skin and mental clarity, skin complexion . A daily call with the Spa counselor will assist you and help you on the first 7 days on the program.