2“Relax”. You hear it all the time, but for many it’s a daily struggle to achieve. One of the top reasons people enjoy massage therapy is to because they can achieve a high level of relaxation. And for good reason: The therapeutic and stress-relieving benefits of massage can lead to a healthier and more energetic lifestyle. Here are some massage therapy tips to achieve optimal relaxation before, during and after your massage session.

Massage Therapy Tips for Relaxation:

A well-timed massage can satisfy both physical and emotional needs. But it can be frustrating to feel your tension return the moment you step outside. When you schedule a massage, schedule wisely. While getting a massage can be a great way to spend a lunch hour, sometimes you’ll enjoy the relaxation more if you schedule it for the end of your day.

Want to feel relaxed longer after your massage? Bring comfortable clothing to change into (especially if you’re still wearing your work suits or heels).

Take it easy after your massage. Forgo hiking and running in favor of yoga or light stretching.

Extend your “Me” time. Schedule your massage and facial back-to-back to make the most of your relaxation time.

Invest in massage. Overextending yourself financially won’t leave you feeling relaxed no matter how experienced your massage therapist is. Budget for a monthly visit and use it as a reward for work well done.

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