1What is aging and how do we define it? Aging appears to be a genetically programmed event in every human being. Biologically scientists have found that as we grow the chromosomes in our cells progressively shorten each time the cell divides. Eventually, the chromosomes can shorten no further and stop dividing. When this happens the cells become senescent (sleepy) and die. Various stressors to the human body contribute to premature aging and the most common ones are smoking, Sun exposure, and alcohol. Tobacco alone causes a 15% average reduction in lifespan.

What are the best steps to Prevent Aging?

Rediscover an Infinitely Youthful Beauty:

A Harvard study reveals that Resveratrol may help increase longevity. These active polyp-henols found in red wine enhance youth protein production and boost gene activity. A daily dosage of “Resveratrol” plus 8 oz. Pomegranate Juice will help repair age related cell damage and restore youthful DNA, Boost energy production in cells and keep the blood circulation in the brain. Combined with DNA Eye and Face Cream, the Photo Facial and Non-Surgical Face Lift will deliver the ultimate in Rejuvenation and Radiance! Reverse the signs of aging and stop it in it is tracks!

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