For many, September is a time of renewal and self-improvement,
an opportunity to set new goals for yourself!

Make a fresh start with one of these detox treatments to get you motivated and feeling great!

Detox & Rejuvenate


Health is a natural state that the human body is always trying to maintain on our health. Many people define health as an absence of illness. This is not a very dynamic way to look at health. We see health in a more vital positive way. Barometers of health include:

  • good energy or no fatigue,
  • sleeping well,
  • having a good appetite, especially for simple food,
  • regular daily bowel movements,
  • good memory
  • and other important aspects for a healthy person.

As health problems develop one or more of these barometers become an issue. Sickness does not develop overnight.
The beginning of Fall brings adjustments to be made to the food we eat, our sleep patterns and is time to give our body a detox treatment to boost our health and get ready for the cold months of winter. Colonic is a great way to get you to a better health path. Combined with a Ionic Foot Bath will directly improve the quality of our lives. We can then live a fulfilling, exciting life.

$20 OFF towards the two  above treatments done at the same day.

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Is Your Skin as Dry as a Fall Leaf?

Temperatures are quickly changing so it’s important to change your skincare regimen, as well. Don’t let dry, overworked skin bring you down. Hydration is the key to beautiful skin! Reserve your Vitamin C Facial or Ultrasonic Facial to Deliver superior hydration to your skin.

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Friend Fun Day

Going to the Spa is so much fun when you’re with a friend. Bring your friend to the Spa and experience any of Southwest Day Spa’s service valued at $85 or more, and   each of you will get a $20.00 off towards your service.

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Packages will be available for booking September 01 – 30, 2016 only.
Mention September Newsletter when calling.
Spa finder/Spa Wish/Way Spa NOT ACCEPTED as a  payment type to buy this offer.
CANNOT BE COMBINED with any other promotions, discount, or wellness packages.

Selected technician only.